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  2. I finally finished my new chiller project. Before I was using a 25 foot copper coil, but I've wanted to do in-keg chilling for a while. I ordered a longer version of what distillers often use and sat on it for a while as I decided how to deal with the water supply in my new apartment. I eventually got around to replacing my water supply line in the bathroom with a 2-output supply, and added a quick-disconnect so that I could easily hook up the chiller. After this, I was ready to chill in the keg without much issue. I dump my hot wort into a keg to ferment in, and my sanitized chiller gets to work. I'm able to chill with the keg in the shower, and if I want I can put the output of hot water directly into the laundry machine.
  3. Nowe uszczelki 1 lat temu, nowe stopki na pokrywka, z zaworem. Taśma jest tablica szkolna. Szczelny. Cena 160 zł.
  4. My carbonation cap works with both gas and liquid disconnects, with a little force. Have you tried with the other QD? I primarily use my caps for running sanitizer through lines and my beer gun so I am pressurizing with gas, then swapping to a liquid QD for either of these purposes.
  5. I can bring you back some in August if you can wait that long. I usually order from here which has at-cost and reasonable shipping in the region that I stay in:
  6. Jak są kegi AEB, mozesz kupić głowice od kolega DAMTRY na
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  8. Czy są kegi AEB? Jak są, kup sobie używaną głowice od kolega DAMTRY na forum.
  9. Czasami są dobre opcje na allegro/OLX. Ja kupiłem cobra plus (2 kranowy) za 300 zł i wygląda jak nowy. Teraz to jest najlepszy ale jak masz szans poczekac, jest dobry pomysł kup w Polsce.
  10. 10-12 BLG od tydzien po zabutelkowania jak był zdrowa fermentacja 15 BLG 2-4
  11. I decided to clean my lines today. My new USB pump (I broke the old one trying to attach some fittings) came in from eBay. Link I hooked up my two faucet lines with a jumper from BrewHardware Link and cycled OXI through my ball lock spout for my Intertap faucet, down the line and across the jumper, and up the second line and out the other faucet. It is a nice loop, which you can let run as long as you'd like since the fridge is closed during cleaning. Ran it for a while, then swapped the OXI to water, and replaced the water a few times to flush the line well before swapping to a recirculation of StarSan. Nice freshly cleaned lines ready for my new kegs I transferred into later.
  12. Czy mozesz wysłać zdjęcia 4x5, jestem zainteresowany
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