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  1. How about your dog? On Thursday and Friday we went to the lake here and managed to find some paths to walk along while she jumped in and out of the water. We walked up the Eastern side of the lake on Friday, but then my wife got sick so she and the dog spent the rest of the weekend in the hotel. Next time we will try to spend more time in the mountains east of the dam. That was the plan for the rest of Friday and the first half of Saturday.
  2. You all make some great beer! I was especially impressed with a CDA from a guy with short redish hair, glasses and a puffy vest (but I can't remember his name) and also Dori had a really nice FES. The rest of the beers were also amazing. Sadly I didn't get to stay around and try as much as I wanted because my wife got sick and I didn't want to leave her alone in the hotel all weekend, but it was still a lot of fun and I hope to come to a festival in Poland again next year. Cheers!
  3. Do we know who the judges will be?
  4. Does anyone have the IBAN and BIC for the payment? I'm sending money from outside of Poland, so simply having the account number isn't enough.
  5. and do any of you know of any good hikes or kayak rides around the area? I'm coming with the wife and the dog and we would like to get out into the nature some while we are there.
  6. Do you guys think that they will publish an English or German registration form this year, or should I just go ahead and try to struggle through the Polish one?
  7. Are you guys saying you think they will need the bottles on May 25th and they will first drink them on the 14th? I have an american wheat two weeks in to fermentation and I need to think about how to time my dry hops and bottling. The American black ale is already in bottles and delicious. I hope it holds up until then.
  8. loetz

    III International Homebrewers Competition (Hungary)

    Cool! Thank you for your help putting together such a fun event! It looks like my IPA placed 31st out of the around 60 beers. I'm happy with that considering its my second year brewing. Plus I know my beer was a little off category. I am excited to read the feedback so I can know what to improve. Thanks again to the organizers and judges! See you at bierofilia! Sent from my ST21i using Tapatalk
  9. Hey sorry for the English, but I have a quick question... I would like to make a mead using fermaid and dap for nutrients and goferm to get it started. The problem is that I'm having trouble finding these ingredients in Europe. Do any of you know of any polish shops which supply these nutrients? I thought I saw it once, but now I cant find it. Thanks for the help!
  10. loetz

    III International Homebrewers Competition (Hungary)

    Ha, sorry! I was trying to include everyone in the conversation, but I guess google translate doesn't work well when going from English to Polish. (It works mostly fine the other way!) I was saying that I'm going to the festival to have one of my IPAs judged. I don't think that I'll win anything, but I'd like to get some feedback. I'm wondering if there is anyone else who is planning to go. Did any of you go last year? Do any of you have any opinions of the festival?
  11. Czy ktoś tu dzieje? Będę złożyć IPA być sądzeni. Wątpię, że zrobię dobrze, ale chcę zwrotne. Gdyby ktoś z was tam na I lub II? Czy masz jakieś przemyślenia na temat tej organizacji? Zgaduję, że to wszystko było w Magyar?