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  1. może się przydać, nie sprawdzałem czy działa ta metoda, tu cały artykuł : https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-build-a-Kegerator-1/ "This step is crucial because if you cut into a refrigerant line you will be shopping for a new fridge! The refrigerant lines run along the top of the fridge and are covered up by insulation, and can be hard to find. There are a few ways to locate the lines, but someone way smarter than me came up with the clever idea of using cornstarch and vodka. - Remove the plastic top of the fridge (I ended up throwing it away in favor of the black metal finish) - Plug in the refrigerator and let it run for about 30-40 minutes - mix cornstarch and vodka together into a paste (about the consistency of sour cream) - spread the paste around the (top) surface of the fridge - the refrigerant lines are hot and will cause the vodka to evaporate from the mixture faster than the surrounding areas, leaving a lighter colored line that indicates where the refrigerant line is. - mark this location with tape, then clean up your mess Once you find where the lines are located, you can layout where you want to position your hole."
  2. potwierdzam chmiel galaxy 2018 zamówiony w twój browar nadaje się jedynie do wy.. smród 🤢😷
  3. 2 sztuki tez bym przygarnął, czekamy na jakies konkretne info.
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