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#21 Tomasgard

Owner Lars Andreas Tomasgård
Collected by Lars Marius Garshol
Place Grodås
NCYC 4208
Pitch 29.0°C
Kveik Y
Can be dried Y
Harvest top
Fermentation time 60 hours
Bacteria Y
Species Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Strains 4
Wort boiled N
Preservation Dried flakes

Taste: Soft, fruity, milky caramel aroma.

Provenance: He mixed the kveik with kveik from Mattias Lunde about 15 years ago, but has not mixed it since. The yeast has been in the family as far as anyone can remember, but his grandfather farmed the Gausemel farm (see #18), so it's possible these two kveiks share an origin there. He knows his grandfather came from Eid in the 1930s, and brewed a beer in Hornindal for his own wedding then, taking the yeast with him from Eid. So it's possible the origin is really Eid. What his father did with it he doesn't really know. It may have been mixed during that time.

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